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My most beautiful collection items

Let me display some of my collection's items which I regard as being particularly remarkable. Of course you'll find here the oldest ones such as :

  • enamelled glasses
  • those with an inscription applied with acid
  • those with a tin cover

But you'll find also some more traditonal pieces of which only a very limited number of specimens remain available according to the fact that the brewery ceased its activities. Finally some more modern limited edition glasses are particularly amazing because of their unusual shape or their capacity.

The glasses you are going to discover on this page are definitely not easy to find and, as a matter of fact, they are mainly from Belgian breweries or from those located in a border country of my home country, i.e. Germany and France. But don't worry ! I got also some beautiful glasses from other countries !

After having looked at my preferred ones, you'll probably be delighted to see how they form a harmonious whole in the collection. Click on the "Collection" button if you wish to focus on a specific type of glass (mugs, boots or pitchers) or if you prefer to have an overall picture on all the pieces of a specific brewery click on the button "Breweries".

And now, let's start with the most beautiful ones ...

Belgian beer glasses collection
German beer glasses collection
French beer glasses collection
Beer glasses collection all countries