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Before starting - Beer glass collection
Characteristics of a collection
    The shape
    The surface of the glass
    The support
    The handle
  The age of the glass
  Other characteristics
  The particular case of the boots



I. How does a beer glasses collection look like ?

The collector can have a passion for glasses:


  • Originating from only one brewery
  • Belonging to a specific geographical area
  • Or, on the contrary, emanating from the entire world
  • He can focus on a particular type of glass (glass on foot, mug, flute, ...)
  • Or on a type of beer (Trappist, Pils, White beer, ...)
  • In some cases he may limit his collection to a specific period (for example between the 2 World Wars)
  • Or to a specific capacity (1 litre, 25 cl ...)
  • With any other aspect according to his personal affinities


II. What about my collection ?

Personally I have a passion for :

  • beer mugs
  • boots
  • pitchers

Picture of my beer glass collection

Partial view on my collection

Originating from :
  • my country, Belgium
  • but also from other countries all over the world


A glance on my collection expressed in figures will give you an idea of its scope.



All the glasses presented on this site are different. However, the non initiated visitor could get the impression that some of them appear in duplicate. As a result, it seems useful to draw your attention on some characteristics which contribute to the richness of a collection. It goes without saying that these characteristics are some among much others. An exhaustive enumeration is not possible in this matter because the creativity of the brewers has no limits.


The logo is in fact the picture that symbolizes the brewery. But as far as breweriana is concerned, things are not really simple. It's up to you to get your own opinion !

  • One brewery can have several logos
Brewery Artois Belgium - logo 1
Brewery Artois Belgium - Logo 2
Brewery Artois Belgium - Logo 3
Brewery Artois - Leuven - Belgium
  • A logo can be part of a numbered series. Here an extract of a series which includes 9 different pictures. You'll discover the complete series on the site.
no. 1/9
no. 2/9
no. 3/9

Brewery Haacht Belgium - Adler 1

Brewery Haacht Belgium - Adler 2

Brewery Haacht Belgium - Adler 3

Brewery Haacht - Boortmeerbeek - Belgium
  • It is up to the brewery to come up with several names for a same beer or to put diffently the wording in relation to the logo
Brewery Grade Belgium - Beer Vieux Temps - Logo 1
Brewery Grade Belgium - Beer Vieux Temps - Logo 2
Brewery Grade Belgium - Beer Vieux Temps - Logo 3
Beer "Vieux Temps" - Brewery Grade - Mont-St-Guibert - Belgium
  • The same logo can have different colours :
Blue lion
Yellow lion
White lion

Brewery Löwenbräu München Germany - Blue lion

Brewery Löwenbräu München Germany - Yellow lion

Brewery Löwenbräu München Germany - White lion

Brewery Löwenbräu - Munich - Germany
  • The logo can be enriched by additional elements : medals, a collar of ears and hop, a streamer with an inscription, ...
Logo without
Logo enriched by ears
and hop
Logo enriched by streamers

Brewery DAB Germany - Typical logo

Brewery DAB Germany - Logo with ears and hop

DAB Brewery Germany - Logo with streamers

Brewery "Dortmunder Actien Brauerei" -Dortmund - Germany



Sometimes a same logo appears on mugs which differ only by :


  • The shape

The shape can be, inter alia :


Imperator - Beer mug - typical shape

Mousel - Beer mug - straight glass

Waldsassener Bier - Beer mug - truncated glass

ExtrAlliés - Beer mug - widened glass

Like a barrel
Like a vase
On foot

Beauregard - Beer mug - barrel-shape glass

Rubens - Beer mug - vase-shaped glass

Mönchshof - Beer mug - on foot glass

Zoller - Beer mug - curved glass


  • The surface of glass

    König Pilsener - Beer mug - smooth glassIt can be smooth

    It can have dimples (small recess in the surface of glass) or facets

Round dimples
Square dimples
Alternate dimples
Diamond shaped

Fischer Gold - Beer mug with round dimples

Jubilator - Beer mug with square dimples

Jubilator - Beer mug with alternate dimples

Barre Bräu - Beer mug with diamond-shaped dimples

Vertical edges

Atlas - Beer mug with 4 vertical edges

Liebaert - Beer mug with facets

Small points
Hexagonal dimples
Other dimples

Hacker Braeu - Beer mug with small points

Bass - Engraved beer mug

Irlbacher Pils - Beer mug with hexagonal dimples

Sterk - Beer mug with accordion dimples


  • The support

It is an in the glass moulded geometrical shape on which the logo or the wording is applied.

The support can be shaped as follows :

B.A.B. - Beer mug with rectangular support
Kajoeter - Beer mug - rectangle with cut corners
Bière de l'Ours - Beer mug with circular support
Rectangle with cut corners


Extra Saison Moulin - Beer mug with oval support
Br. Amitié Frameries - Beer mug with shield


  • The handle

It is located in relation to the logo :

On the left
On the right
Between 2 logos

Perle Caulier - Beer mug with handle left

Perle Caulier - Beer mug with handle behind

Perle Caulier - Beer mug with handle right

Ginder Ale - Beer mug with handle between 2 logos

Sometimes the handle is coloured : brown, green, yellow

Handles of different colours

Perfect Pils - Beer mug with colourless handle

Dortmunder Kronen Bier - Beer mug with brown handle

Animator - Beer mug with green handle

More than one handle
Two handles
Three handles

Barbarossa Bräu - Beer mug with 2 handles

Thier Bräu - Beer mug with 3 handles



The capacity is or is not indicated !

When it is indicated, it appears in :



    litres (decimal digit or fraction)

    pint (for Anglo-Saxon glasses)
    In centilitres
    In decilitres

    Capacity in centilitres

    Capacity in decilitres

    Capacity in litre

    Capacity in pint

    In litre
    In pint

Brewery Artois Belgium - Stella Artois series

Series "Stella Artois" - Belgium
Respectively : 1 litre, 40 cl, 30 cl, 20 cl

Beer mugs of the Whitbread series

Series "Whitbread" - Great-Britain
Respectively : 50 cl, 30 cl, 20 cl, 25 cl



The technique used for the logo application is very useful when you are looking for the age and the scarcity value of the glass. The older ones are those whose logo or wording is :

Applied with acid

Excellenz Pilsner - Enamelled beer mug

Cardinal - Engraved beer mug

Chasse Royale - Embossed beer mug

Imperial - Beer mug with logo applied with acid



  • Some mugs have a tin lid with or without logo
Hofbräu - Beer mug with tin lid
Hofbräu - Tin lid of a beer mug


  • Others have their logo engraved at the bottom
Pastel - Logo embossed at the bottom of the beer mug



The shape

Most of the boots have a "traditional shape" but some of them are distinctive :

Large foot
Large calf

Large ankle

Skol - Typical beer boot
Veltins - Beer boot with large foot
Schultheis - Beer boot with large calf
Schloss Bräu - Beer boot with large ankle



Gilded border

Padavena - Beer boot with attach
Birra Wührer - Beer boot with lace
Spaten - Beer boot with edge
Ringnes - Beer boot with gilded border

Logo's place

The logo is generally located above the point of the boot. Sometimes it is on the side ; in that case we speak of a "point left" or a "point right".

Logo above
Point left
Point right

Several logos

Meteor - Beer boot with logo above the point
Oranjeboom - Beer boot with point left
Oranjeboom - Beer boot with point right
Beer boot wit several logos



It's obviously impossible to go into all the details but I hope nevertherless having succeeded in awaking your curiosity !

You are now well set to start the visit of my site. I hope you'll enjoy it !

Click on the button corresponding to your choice :

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