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Beer mugs collection

Brewery :
Bass Charrington
Sheffield -- ()
Great Britain

Here are all the mugs I got for the chosen brewery.

By clicking on the thumbnail you'll get an enlarged picture of the chosen item and, at the same time, all the relevant information available.

Throughout your visit you'll notice that some pieces are included in a series. Those glasses have common characteristics and they can be viewed on a separate page. As a matter of fact, such series contribute to the richness of a collection. Click on the name of the series to see the "family picture".

Attention, very important ! All the pieces part of a "family" can only be viewed on the series page. Be very careful and keep it in mind, you would miss the major part of the collection !

For any information you'd like to send me, thanks for mentioning the ID no. referring to the glass concerned by your communication. You'll find the ID just beside the picture.



Wording :


Hemeling Lite Lager

no. 3312


Wording :


Bass Charrington

no. 5086


Wording :


Stones Best Bitter - Series : Stones

no. 2024


Wording :


Bass Charrington - Series : Red mug in a red triangle

no. 1618